Appeal Procedures

Either the complainant or respondent who disagrees with the results and/or sanctions of the investigation may exercise their rights by filing a written appeal to the appropriate Vice President/Dean of Student Services requesting reconsideration of the previous decision. The appeal/reconsideration of decision request must be presented in writing within five working days after receipt of the decision. The appropriate Vice President, in the case of an employee appeal, or the Title IX Coordinator, in the case of a student appeal, will render a decision on the appeal request within five working days following receipt of the request.

If either party is dissatisfied with the decision of the Vice President, a written appeal may be filed within five working days to the college President requesting reconsideration of the finding of the Title IX investigator and the Vice President. The President will review the investigation, recommendations and decisions and any other evidence. The President will render a final decision on the matter and notify the complainant or respondent within ten working days of receipt of the appeal. No additional remedy shall be granted following the decision of the President.

Protection of Complainant and Others

All reasonable actions are taken to assure that the complainant and those testifying on behalf of the complainant or supporting the complainant in other ways suffer no retaliation as the result of their involvement in the process.