College Split Courses

In some cases, the college may split a course into segments to facilitate scheduling and/or to maximize enrollment capacity. All parts of these split courses must be completed in the offered groupings to receive credit for the whole course. If a course group is not completed as offered the entire group must be retaken in the future to receive the whole course credit. Split courses are offered as simultaneously scheduled parts or sequentially scheduled parts. Courses split in two parts are identified by AB and BB suffixes; courses split in three parts as AC, BC, CC.

Example 1: BIO 168AB and BIO 168BB are offered in a fall term. Both must be completed to receive credit for BIO 168. If an unsatisfactory grade is received in one of the two parts, both parts must be taken again in a future term to receive credit for BIO 168.

Example 2: AHR 112AB and AHR 112BB are offered with one in the fall term and one in the spring term. If the student successfully completes AHR 112AB in the fall but is unsuccessful in AHR 112BB in the spring, they have not successfully completed AHR 112 and will need to take both parts again if the course is offered in a split format in the future.