Credit for Coursework taken at Other Colleges and Universities After Admissions to Southeastern Community College (Transient Coursework)

The programs students enroll in at SCC are designed to be taken at SCC; however, under certain circumstances, permission can be given to take courses at other institutions while attending SCC.

A student who wishes to attend another collegiate institution should contact the registrar’s office at Southeastern to secure a “Consortium Form” and with their advisor determine whether the intended transfer courses are acceptable. The completed consortium form should be taken to the appropriate Southeastern Community College division dean/director for approval. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in the coursework being unacceptable for transfer to Southeastern Community College.

In some circumstances, a student may not be permitted to take coursework at another collegiate institution while concurrently enrolled at Southeastern if the course for which the student wants transfer credit is scheduled and available at SCC during the academic term in question or if it contains general education/program specific outcomes required for graduation.

The combined load of residence courses and transient courses in a term should not exceed the maximum load allowed. Once a student has enrolled in an SCC program, she or he should not enroll as a visiting student at another collegiate institution unless prior approval has been received from SCC.

Students wishing to apply for financial aid to attend other schools should contact the SCC Financial Aid Office after the registrar and the appropriate program dean/director sign the Consortium Form.