Denied Appeals

If a student’s appeal is denied or if the student does not meet the conditions of an approved appeal, the student will be asked to attend at his/her own expense and earn the deficiency either in the hours, GPA or both (a student cannot make up a deficiency if his/her appeal was due to exceeding the maximum timeframe to earn a degree). If a student did not maintain SAP due to a deficiency in credit hours, a student may take the credit hours at another institution as long as SCC accepts the transfer hours. After the student completes the semester (or semesters), he/she must submit an appeal form to the Financial Aid Office so his/her progress can be reevaluated.

The decision of the Satisfactory Appeals Committee is final.

NOTE: All notices regarding students’ academic progress for financial aid purposes will be available through the Financial Aid section of students’ Self-Service account. Students are responsible for monitoring this information.