Estimated Annual Expenses

Annual expenses are estimated for the academic year (fall and spring semesters) for average full-time North Carolina students in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Living at Home with Parents  In-State
Tuition and Fees (based on 16 hours) $2,446.00
Books and Supplies 1,400.00
Board at Home 4,500.00
Transportation  2,250.00
Miscellaneous  1,350.00
Total for Two Semesters  $11,946.00


Living Off Campus In-State
Tuition and Fees (based on 16 hours) $2,446.00
Books and Supplies 1,400.00
Board at Home 9,450.00
Transportation 2,250.00
Miscellaneous 1,350.00
Total for Two Semesters  $16,896.00

Out-of-state students should add $6,128 to each total because of the higher tuition rates for non- residents. Married students should also expect higher costs for housing and other personal expenses.

The cost of books and supplies varies according to the programs in which students are enrolled.

Students in allied health programs must purchase malpractice insurance (approximately $17.50), clinical uniforms, and shoes; they must obtain the necessary immunizations and drug screen required by the programs. Nursing students are also required to purchase testing and laboratory supplies (totaling approximately $230). Additionally, clinical sites may require background checks for students costing approximately $94.

Students may be required to purchase class related items or pay approved fees. For example, cosmetology students must buy a cosmetology kit required by the state of North Carolina (approximate cost $800), black uniforms, and black closedtoe shoes. Fees for classes are approved by the college’s Board of Trustees. For a complete list of approved curriculum fees, please contact the Executive Vice President.