Financial Aid Warning

To determine your academic progress status and eligibility for financial aid, your academic record will be evaluated at the end of each term. Following the first term of failure to maintain cumulative satisfactory academic progress, you will be granted one term  to regain satisfactory academic progress. This term is known as your “Warning” term. During your Warning term, you may continue to receive financial aid provided you are otherwise eligible.

Participation in the following success strategies while on warning may positively impact students’ performance as well as positively impact any appeal due to the loss of financial aid. It is recommended that students do the following.

  1. When offered, complete an “Academic Success Workshop” during the semester on warning.
  2. Meet with student’s Success Coach or Academic Advisor twice during the semester on warning.
  3. Consider repeating failed courses within a program of study.
  4. Consider limiting enrollment to ten hours or less for the semester.
  5. Consider the mode (face-to-face, hybrid, online) and length (16 weeks, 12 weeks, 8 weeks, other) of courses for the semester.
  6. Visit or access student success services such as computer lab, Upswing Tutoring or workshops provided by an instructor or success coach.

If you are able to regain satisfactory academic progress with the courses completed successfully during your Warning term, the Warning status is lifted. If you have not regained satisfactory academic progress, you are placed on Financial Aid Suspension and you are no longer eligible for financial aid at SCC until your cumulative progress is again satisfactory.