Grade Explanation

SCC uses a 4.0-point system of grading:

Grade Explanation Quality Points/Credit Hours
A Excellent 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Poor, but passing 1.0
F Failure 0.0

Other grades which may appear on grade reports or transcripts (No quality points are awarded.):

AU – Audit…Grade for those who register and complete a course as auditing students.

P – Passed…Grade for students in developmental coursework that indicates they have met the outcomes for the course and may now proceed to the next level developmental course or college gateway course.

I – Incomplete…Temporary grade (85 percent of course work completed). Work must be finished by the sixth week of the following semester (fall, spring, summer) unless an earlier completion date is set. Failure to complete the work by the designated date will result in an “F” in the course. Incompletes are not considered in the calculation of GPA until the course is completed.

R – Repeat…Grade indicating that a student in a developmental course has not completed all required work to receive credit but should complete the requirements in a subsequent attempt progressing at the same rate. Note: For financial aid calculations, this grade is considered to be equivalent to a withdrawal.

RA-RF – Removed from GPA…An “R” preceding a previously assigned grade, which results from students’ applying for and being awarded Academic Fresh Start status.

W – Withdrawal…Assigned when students withdraw or are withdrawn from a course by their instructor prior to the exam period.