Investigation Procedures

Any complaint relating to discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment should be immediately referred to the Director of Human Resources (employee complaint) or the Executive Vice President (student complaint). (Note: If the respondent is a person that would otherwise be involved in the investigation or in the appeal process, the respondent may not participate in the investigation or appeal process; should the college President be named as a respondent, the appeals process should omit the President as being the final decision-maker. In that circumstance, the Board of Trustees or the Executive Committee of the Board should serve as the final decision-making body).

  1. Within five working days of receiving the complaint, the person charged with the complaint will be notified and an investigation will be initiated to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for believing that a violation of the policy had occurred.
  2. During the investigation, interviews will be conducted with all parties concerned. Within 30 working days of the complaint being filed, the investigation will be concluded and a report submitted of the findings to the college administration.
  3. If it is determined that a violation of this policy has occurred, a recommendation of appropriate disciplinary action will follow. The appropriate action will depend on the following factors: (i) the severity, frequency and pervasiveness of the conduct; (ii) prior complaints made by the complainant; (iii) prior complaints made against the respondent; (iv) the quality of the evidence (first-hand knowledge, credible corroboration, etc.) If it is determined that an individual has been falsely respondent appropriate disciplinary action will follow.
  4. Within five working days after the investigation is concluded, the complainant and respondent will be notified separately of the findings of the investigation.