Religious Observances for Curriculum Classes

Students are permitted to request two excused absences each academic year for religious observances required by the faith of the student and are entitled to make up any tests or other work missed. The following process delineates how to obtain and use these absences: (Procedure 3.07.01)

  1. At least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the class or two weeks prior to the religious observance, whichever is later, the student will notify the campus Help Center in writing either by completing the paper form in the library at the Help Center desk or via email from his/her Rams mail account to
  2. The email and/or form must include the student’s name, ID number, date to be missed for religious observance, brief description of the religious observance, classes that will be missed due to the religious observance (including course/section numbers, course titles and instructors’ names).
  3. After verifying that the student still has religious observance days remaining, the Help Center staff will email the student and all indicated instructors that the student is using a religious observance day for the date requested.
  4. Upon receipt of the email, the student should immediately contact their instructor(s) to arrange appropriate makeup work.
  5. The student make-up work may be completed any time after notification of the instructor by the Help Center or within five school days after the absence. If fewer than five school days remain in the term, the student may receive an “I” in the course and finish the course during the next term.
  6. If the make-up work is completed in the appropriate time frame, the student will receive credit for the missed work with no penalty. If the make-up work is not completed in the appropriate timeframe, the student will receive no credit for the missed work.