Responsible Employees

A responsible employee is defined as a college employee who has the authority to take action to address sexual harassment/misconduct. A responsible employee has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct or any other misconduct by employees and students to the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator or other responsible employee. Responsible employees are defined to include all college administrators (campus police, vice presidents, division chairs, associate chairs, faculty (to include adjunct), academic counselors, coaches, student services employees, directors, vice presidents and the president). If an employee or student is unsure of someone’s duties and ability to maintain one’s privacy, the employee or student should ask the person before he/she speaks to him/her. After disclosure, the student will be made aware of the requirement to report the situation, including identity, to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will discuss the employee’s/student’s options, including confidentiality.

Responsible employees must report incidents of alleged sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator or other designee to initiate an investigation.