• Reprimand: The student receives a written communication, which gives official notice that any subsequent offense against the Student Code of Conduct carries heavier penalties because of this prior infraction. A record of this communication will be maintained.
  • General Probation: An individual may be placed on General Probation when involved in a minor disciplinary offense or based upon a student’s history of sanctions. General Probation has two important implications: the individual is given a chance to show his/her capability and willingness to observe the Student Code of Conduct without further penalty; secondly, if he/she errs again, further action is taken. This probation can be in effect for up to one year from the time the initial decision is made and all appeals are final.
  • Restrictive Probation: Restrictive Probation results in loss of good standing and may be used depending upon the severity of the violation and the student’s history of sanctions. Restrictive conditions may limit activity in the College community. Unless otherwise noted, the individual is not eligible for initiation into any local or national organization and may not receive any college award or other honorary recognition. The individual may not occupy a position of leadership or responsibility with any college or student organization, publication, or activity. This probation can be in effect for up to one year from the time the initial decision is made and all appeals are final. Any violation of Restrictive Probation may result in immediate suspension.
  • Restitution: The individual must pay for damaging, misusing, destroying, or losing property belonging to the college, college personnel, or students.
  • Interim Suspension: The student is excluded from class and/or other privileges or activities as set forth in the notice, until a final decision has been made concerning the alleged violation.
  • Loss of Academic Credit or Grade: This sanction is imposed as a result of academic dishonesty or suspension for violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Withholding of Transcript, Diploma, or Right to Register: This sanction is imposed when financial obligations are not met.
  • Suspension: The student is excluded from class(es) and/or all other privileges or activities of the College for a specific period of time. This sanction is reserved for those offenses warranting discipline more severe than probation or for repeated misconduct. Students who receive this sanction must get specific written permission from the Vice President of Workforce and Community Development before returning to campus.
  • Expulsion: The student is dismissed from campus for an indefinite period. The student loses his/her student status. The student may be readmitted to the College only with the approval of the President.