Student Eligibility Requirements

  1. Minimum age to participate in work-based learning is subject to the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) Youth Employment Laws, the United States Department of Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as State Board of Community Colleges Code that apply to students participating in curriculum courses in general. Colleges should inform students under the age of 18 that they must complete an online NCDOL Youth Employment Certificate. The responsibility for filing the certificate lies with the employer.
  2.  A student participating in a WBL course must be enrolled in the appropriate program and be considered in good academic standing and progressing in the program. Normally, this means that the student maintains a GPA of 2.0 or better in the program courses and has completed or is currently completing prerequisite and corequisite courses. Colleges must ensure that students take WBL courses in sequence with other program courses to enhance student learning.
  3. Students must have completed a minimum of nine semester hours within the appropriate program of study and a minimum of three semester hours from core classes within the major.
  4. Students must be recommended by their advisor as having the skills to be suitable employees.