The Decision Of The Student Grievance

If this document is not accessible, contact Disability Services at 910.788.6327,, or in A-124. Committee and Dean of Student Services is final. The response will be sent to the grievant via the preferred method of communication. Copies of the decision will be provided to the President and all individuals involved in the grievance process.


  • All parties will receive written notification of any deviation from specified time frame.
  • The following exceptions apply if the respondent is a Vice President or Dean. The Step 1 supervisor shall be another Vice President appointed by the President. Step 2 will be omitted in the event that the grievance is against a Vice President or dean. If the Dean of Student Services is involved in the grievance, the individual will request a hearing through the President’s Office. In the event that the grievance involves the President, the grievance form is forwarded to the President’s executive assistant, who in turn forwards the grievance to the Chair of the Board of Trustees.