Tuition and Fees

Tuition is low at SCC—only $76* per credit hour, up to a maximum of $1,216* per semester for 16 credit hours, for North Carolina residents. Tuition and fees for one semester in 2020-2021 (fall or spring) for students who are North Carolina residents taking 16 or more credit hours are as follows:

Tuition* $1,216.00
Activity Fee (8 hours or more) 32.00
Technology Fee 32.00
Insurance (subject to change by insurance carrier) 1.25
I.D. Fee 1.75
Campus Access Transportation & Security Fee (CATS) 12.00
Student Advancement & Graduation Fee 5.00
Maximum Total (tuition and fees for one semester) $1,300.00

*Subject to change by the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges or the General Assembly and/or the Southeastern Community College Board of Trustees.

Out-of-state students (non-residents) pay a tuition fee of $268 per credit hour, up to a maximum of $4,288 per semester. With the activity fee of $32, technology use fee of $32, I.D. fee of $1.75, Campus Access Transportation & Security fee of $12, and insurance fee of $1.25 (subject to change by insurance carrier), the total maximum semester tuition and fees for non-resident students is $4,372 for 2018-2019.

Due to special instructional/assessment processes, some courses also include special fees to cover these costs.

In cases of instruction provided by Southeastern Community College to individuals belonging to outside agencies, as permitted by the state board of community colleges, tuition and fees will be set by the agreements with those agencies based upon the student’s access to campus, technology and activities. When instruction is provided to students of other institutions using Southeastern Community College resources, a campus-use fee consisting of the technology, insurance, ID and CATS fees will be charged to those students, and they will be permitted to use campus facilities in the same manner as a Southeastern Community College student. These students may also choose to pay the activity fee to be allowed to participate in student activity funded events.