Use of College Facilities/Equipment

The college encourages public use of its facilities in accordance with its stated purposes and policies. Priority is given to enrolled students, employees, and guests. The Board authorizes the president and his/her designees to establish a fee schedule and to assess fees as appropriate to outside organizations utilizing college facilities. The president or his/her designee is authorized to identify any or all areas of the campus as open only to enrolled students, employees, and guests. Guests may include prospective students visiting the campus, persons attending authorized meetings, and persons using other services of the college. Use of college facilities is controlled by local guidelines and those covered specifically by other legislative policies (e.g., traffic, disruptions, and weapons). Appropriate signs may be posted stating that facilities are open only to those persons named above. The president or his/her designee is authorized to ban from campus any nonstudents who may be deemed undesirable or whose presence or actions may be inappropriate at a particular place or event. Southeastern Community College is committed to providing employees with the equipment necessary to perform their assigned duties. As such, employees are responsible and accountable for the safeguarding and proper use of college equipment. (Policy 2.01, Procedure 2.01.01)