False Information

Applicants are expected to demonstrate honesty in the completion of all required forms. False information will be grounds for rejection or dismissal from Southeastern Community College.


Tuition refunds are made only under the following circumstances:

  • A full refund will be made if the college cancels a class.
  • A pre-registered curriculum student who officially drops from a curriculum class or from the college before the first day of the semester may request a 100% refund.
  • A 75% refund may be made if a student officially drops from a curriculum class on or before the 10% point of the course.
  • Students who fail to follow proper drop procedures forfeit all refunds.
  • Student fees, including administrative, laboratory, malpractice insurance (if required for a program of study), and graduation fees cannot be refunded except in the case of courses cancelled by the college. 

To begin the refund process, a student must complete a drop form, which is available in the Registrar’s Office. Refund checks are generated after a student completes the necessary form to drop a course within the designated refund period. The tuition refund check is mailed to the student’s address on record at the college. Contact the Business Office at 910.788.6329 for any questions or concerns about tuition refunds. (Policy 6.09 & Procedure 6.09.01)