Reporting Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Individuals may report sexual misconduct to local law enforcement agencies by dialing 911. Individuals who make a criminal complaint may also choose to pursue a college complaint simultaneously. A criminal investigation does not release the college from its obligation to conduct its own investigation.

Individuals may choose to report alleged sexual misconduct to a campus official. The college respects and supports the individual’s decision with respect to reporting; however, if information about sexual misconduct comes to the attention of the college, the college may start an investigation even in the absence of a filed complaint and/or notify appropriate law enforcement authorities if required or warranted based on the nature of the information reported.

Anyone wishing to report sexual misconduct should contact any one of the following individuals as outlined below:

Title IX Coordinator
Mr. Bill Maultsby
Director, Human Resources
A-Building, Room 107

Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Dr. Sylvia Cox
Executive Vice President
A-Building, Room 125

When concerns are brought to their attention or when they suspect that sexual or gender discrimination may be present, they are required to initiate and/or oversee timely investigations and provide updates to the accuser and the respondent. Initial investigations must be completed within 30 days from the date of the report; therefore, all faculty and staff are required to cooperate fully, truthfully, and expediently with investigations as outline in this procedure.