Admission and Registration

Adults 18 years of age or older and not enrolled in a secondary school may be admitted to continuing education classes. A minor, age 16 and 17, may enroll in Continuing Education course sections at SCC subject to the following:

  • Minors shall not displace adults.
  • Minors shall pay the registration fees associated with the course section except for cases where they meet¬†eligibility requirements for a fee waiver or financial assistance.
  • If the minor is enrolled in high school, the following restrictions apply:
    • Colleges shall not designate Continuing Education course sections taken by the high school student to provide partial or full credit towards meeting high school graduation requirements.
    • Colleges shall not offer Continuing Education course sections that are specifically scheduled for high school students except course sections that are part of an approved Workforce Continuing Education Career and College Promise Pathway (ID SBCCC 300.4 (c)(1)(D)).

The provisions within statue and code provide Workforce Continuing Education the ability to effectively respond to workforce training impacting minors, age 16 or 17, whether through the high school directly (juniors and seniors within an approved Workforce Continuing Education Career and College Promise pathway) or within the community broadly.

Minors, 16 and 17 years old, enrolling in Basic Skills classes must officially withdraw from public school and obtain a Minor Applicant form from appropriate public school personnel, and attend a required pre-enrollment meeting with the basic skills recruiter/HSE examiner. Both student and parent/legal guardian must be in attendance. To schedule an appointment, call (910) 788-6432.

A course schedule is published and made available to the public prior to the beginning of each semester. Courses which begin during a semester are announced through the media. Up-to-date schedule information may be obtained by calling the Workforce & Community Development Division at the college and/or accessing the class schedule (