Course Descriptions

Although course descriptions for most continuing education offerings are not provided in this publication, examples of the types of courses that are offered are listed. Specific course descriptions are furnished upon request. Courses, in addition to those listed in this publication, may be offered to meet expressed needs of the community when evidence of these needs is presented to the college.

Expenses/Fee Structure*

Fee Schedule
$70 for 0-24 hours of instruction
$125 for 25-50 hours of instruction
$180 for 51 or more of instruction

Personal Interest (Community Service)

All personal interest classes are self-supporting. People enrolling in these courses are required to pay registration fees which are based on instructional costs associated with each class.

Additional Fee Information

  • Registration fees are waived for EMS, fire service, and law enforcement officers enrolling in courses designed to meet their training requirements.
  • Student insurance fees are charged for select courses.

*Registration fees and supply costs associated with continuing education classes and/or seminars are subject to change without notice.