Student Services

Academic and Career Counseling

Before students enroll at SCC, the student services staff will help them explore their life and career goals and align those goals with educational opportunities and programs at the college. Student services staff members offer in-depth career exploration services and inventories on an individual basis. These sessions are designed to assist students in further clarifying their career goals. Students needing assistance with the application process can work with a student service staff to complete the application requirements. Financial aid counseling and services are provided to students as well. Once students are enrolled, SCC student services staff members are available to help with academic, occupational, financial, and transfer concerns. They work with other faculty and staff members to assist students in finding resources to meet their needs. A Counselor is also available to provide referral assistance and guidance for those students experiencing personal concerns.

After students graduate from SCC, they may continue to receive career counseling and job readiness services. Students may also find career placement resources at the NC Works center located on the college campus in A building. Virtual Counseling services and advising services are also available to distance learners. Students should contact student services to set up a virtual appointment.

Program Advising

New students are assigned advisors to assist with making program decisions and planning their course schedules. Students should schedule appointments to meet with their advisors to discuss academic progress and issues related to program completion.

Additionally, students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should meet with their advisors to plan course selections.


Located in the library, the college offers a variety of tutoring services, including the following:

  1. Free peer and staff tutoring for most courses offered by SCC
  2. Computer-assisted tutoring for many basic courses.
  3. Computer-assisted enrichment activities in some courses
  4. Audio-visual materials to supplement the instruction in some courses

Career Planning, Job Readiness and Job Placement

Student Services assists students through the following:

  1. Helping identify career options that match particular skills, interests, and personalities.
  2. Helping develop individual job search plans, which include effective resume writing and job interview preparation through the NCWorks Career Center.