Introduction to the Student Catalog & Handbook

The Southeastern Community College (SCC) Student Catalog & Handbook is published to provide important information for students about the opportunities and services offered by SCC as well as the procedures and regulations to be followed. The Student Catalog & Handbook provides details about campus services and procedures, advisement, and student organizations. It also contains student rights and responsibilities, grievance procedures, and campus regulations. The Student Catalog & Handbook also describes academic programs, procedures, and degree requirements; continuing education programs; and special programs. It also contains course descriptions and gives information on college admissions procedures, costs, financial aid programs, student services and activities, college facilities and community outreach programs.

Because students are responsible for the information in the Student Handbook & Catalog, they should familiarize themselves with the publication. Students are responsible for the proper completion of their academic program, familiarity with all requirements, maintaining the grade point average required, knowing their academic standing, and meeting all other requirements. Advisors and counselors are available to all students, but final responsibility remains with the student.

All information contained in this Student Catalog & Handbook is subject to change at any time without notice.