Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start is designed for students who have a GPA lower than a 2.0 in their initial period of enrollment at Southeastern Community College and who have resumed their post-secondary education after a period of re-enrollment in which they have made significant improvements in their academic achievement. A student who has not been enrolled in curriculum courses at the college for three years (36 months) and then re-enrolls may request Academic Fresh Start from the director of student services.

  • The returning student must be enrolled the semester prior to making the request, having completed a minimum of six credit hours within a period of one year (12 months) in his/her curriculum, and must be in a curriculum program having earned at least a C grade in every course attempted since reentry.
  • The request must be made within twelve months of re-enrollment at the college.
  • Responses to requests for fresh start will be made within five working days of receipt of the request.

If approved, the student’s new grade point average (GPA) will be recalculated including all previous courses with a C or better. These courses can be applied to meet graduation requirements.

  • To meet program completion/graduation requirements, the student must complete a minimum of one-half the total credit hours required in the program after the Academic Fresh Start re-enrollment period has begun.
  • Previous major courses of C or better will be treated like transfer courses where grades are not assigned.
  • Transfer institutions may not acknowledge Academic Fresh Start. They may consider all credits and may calculate the student’s entire GPA for their purposes. It is at the discretion of the transfer institution to determine how they will interpret this policy.
  • Academic Fresh Start may not affect admission or readmission to a health technology program at Southeastern Community College.
  • Due to federal regulations, the Financial Aid Office does not acknowledge Academic Fresh Start when calculating eligibility for financial aid.
  • Approval of a request for recalculation of grade point average under this policy is only granted once for each student.

Effective Fall 2020