Program Progression to Graduation

Students entering into a program of study leading to a diploma or degree must remain in continuous attendance fall and spring semesters in order to graduate with the diploma or degree requirements in place at the time they enter the college. If a program has required summer term courses, students must also remain in continuous attendance during summer terms to meet those requirements as well.

Requirements must be completed within a five-year period from date of entry. If program requirements are not met within the five-year period, students must meet the requirements in effect at the conclusion of that five-year period within the next five years. (Some programs of study have more restrictive requirements than these, e.g. Associate Degree in Nursing. Refer to the particular degree requirements in this catalog.

If students discontinue working toward a degree or diploma, they will, upon reentry to the college, be required to complete degree requirements in effect at the time of reentry, whether to the same program in which they were previously enrolled or a new one. Students who change programs must meet the requirements of the new program. Students cannot return to the old program requirements once they have been moved to a new program or program year. However, students may choose to adopt new program requirements which went into effect after their entry by requesting to be moved to a new program year.

Once they make the choice, they may not return to the older requirements.

If students completed courses to be applied toward a certificate, diploma, or degree that are over ten years old, the college reserves the right to require the student to demonstrate current knowledge in the course area or require that the course be repeated. (Some programs of study have more restrictive requirements on timeliness of coursework. Refer to a particular program in the college catalog for any specific information.)