Course Audits

Auditing is taking a course without receiving credit. A notation of the audited course, represented by “AU,” will be made on the student’s permanent record. Audit units do not count toward full-time status needed to meet health insurance and scholarship requirements; do not earn credit toward graduation requirements; do not count toward the determination of continuous enrollment for catalog purposes; and are not eligible for financial aid and veteran benefits. Audits are limited based on the space availability in the classroom. Clinical courses cannot be audited.

To audit a course, students must first obtain permission from the instructor using the Audit Request Form obtained in the registrar’s office. Students undergo the same registration procedure and pay the same fees as for credit courses. Auditing students must meet all course requisite and admission requirements. Changes from audit to credit or from credit to audit must be accomplished by the ten percent date of the course.

Students auditing a course must abide by the attendance policy and may be expected, at the discretion of the instructor, to complete the same requirements as those taking the course for credit. Audit students who fail to attend classes on a regular basis may be withdrawn with a grade of W for exceeding authorized absences. Dropping and withdrawing from an audit course is governed by the same procedures as dropping and withdrawing from a course taken for credit.